Joe Slama — Journalist

Hi, I’m Joe.

I’m a writer who’s covered a variety of topics, largely in Catholic and academic beats.

You can get in touch with me at or on Twitter at @Joe_Slama.

By Outlet

I’ve written for Catholic News Agency, the St. Louis Review, and Phi Beta Kappa. I also work freelance. Follow each link for my bylines at each.

Highlights, By Beat

Vatican and Church leadership

Young people and the Catholic Church

Feature writing



About Me & CV

I graduated from Truman State University in Spring 2019 summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Classics, with minors in Italian Studies, International Studies, Linguistics, and English. Awards included Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Classics and Outstanding Undergraduate Research.

I lived in Rome during my spring semester sophomore year, and I’ve taken advanced coursework in the Italian language.

I’ve worked as a journalist as well as in campus marketing. On campus, I was active as a mental health advocate through Student Government for two years.

Find my full C.V. here.


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